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We have collected $14,480 of our $12,435 target for the Buy 5 Motorcycles and Reach over 5,000 Patients campaign.


  • What does HAC do?

    We use motorcycle taxis to set up monthly, 1-day health clinics in remote villages of Uganda. These clinics allow people to access essential health services like anti-retroviral treatment, malaria treatment, child checkups, and family planning.

  • Why #accessforall?

    We want to use stories of the importance of access to healthcare to help people connect to the importance reaching remote village with healthcare.

  • Fundraiser?

    We are raising money to purchase 5 new motorcycles that will serve over 5,000 people living in remote villages in Uganda! Visit our Under the Hood page to find out more.

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Our work is focused on the fishing villages of Lake Victoria, Uganda where there are high rates of poverty and high prevalence rates of HIV/AIDS ... but also many wonderful, inspiring people ... and some beautiful views!


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