How does this work?

We've been developing this model since April 2014. We'll try to break it down.

How do the clinics work?

We set up mobile clinics that run monthly in remote areas.

  • 3 Health Workers + Medical Supplies

    The motorcycle driver delivers health workers and supplies to the village. It takes two motorcycle trips. Each driver serves 3 villages with monthly clinics.

  • Clinic for the Day

    Health workers give people services, including anti-retroviral treatment, HIV testing, counseling, malaria testing, child checkups, and blood pressure checks.

  • Community Takes Control

    A community group in each village oversees scheduling and collecting money (~$0.55) from each patient to pay for fuel and transport allowances.

How does the motorcycle loan work?

The loan helps us to run monthly clinics and establish a relationship between local communities and health workers.

  • Lease-to-Own Contract

    We give a loan to a qualified motorcycle taxi driver to purchase a motorcycle (~$1,300), and he makes weekly payments (~$20/week) through telecom money transfer services. After 18 months, he has paid off the loan plus 15% (~$195), and he gets 15% in savings to use how he wants.

  • Requirement to Transport Mobile Clinics to 3 Villages

    As a condition of the loan, the driver must service 3 villages with monthly mobile clinics. It takes a whole day for him to do that, and he is only compensated for money that he spends on fuel for that day. He runs his business the other 27 days in the month.

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  • Why such a low interest rate?

    We make 15% profit on the initial loan amount after 18 months. For-profit businesses that give similar small loans in Uganda make anywhere from 40% to 80% after 18 months. These rates are relatively high because risk, inflation, administrative fees, and demand for microfinance are all higher in Uganda than in richer countries.

    Our main goal is to give medical care to people in remote areas. We also want to give an opportunity for someone to start a small business, and we don't want to saddle our partners with too much debt.

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  • Where is the organization right now?

    ★ 3 motorcycles serving 9 villages

    ★ 2 full-time staff and 2 more on the way

    ★ 2 directors working as volunteers (for now)

    ★ 5 board members

    We've been organizing in new villages, gathering data on our mobile clinics, and building up the organization so that we can deliver services to more villages. We're moving and shaking!

  • Where exactly do you work?

    We currently work in Lake Victoria fishing villages that have high rates of HIV and are at least 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) from the nearest health centre that gives anti-retroviral treatment.

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What are your future plans?

We want to keep expanding, and we want to doocument our model so that other people can use it.

  • Expand to New Communities

    We have received a great response where we work, and health workers and community members want us to service other areas. We have started to build relationships in new areas, and we have a plan of where to focus on next.

  • Research Our Impacts / Document Our Model

    We collect a lot of data on population health and patients served at clinics. We are analyzing what is working and what isn't. We also want to test different variables, like whether the community should pay for transport expenses or how much oversight is the right amount to assure success. We will make our findings open source so that other organizations can use our model in other countries.

Help us make it happen!

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