Linking Remote Villages with Healthcare

We use motorcycles to set up monthly mobile clinics in remote villages.

In remote villages, it's difficult to get healthcare

Some villages in Uganda are a 1-hour motorcycle ride or an 8-hour boat ride away from a hospital. That's a problem! If a child breaks an arm, or a woman goes into labor, they have to travel over a long distance on a motorcycle to get treatment.

Life-Saving Treatment Where It is Needed Most

We help set up mobile clinics to serve people in remote areas with anti-retroviral treatment and other services.

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  • 1: Finance a motorcycle taxi

    We give a low-interest loan to qualified motorcycle taxi drivers living in remote areas with high rates of HIV. Drivers make weekly payments and own the motorcycle after 18 months.

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  • 2: Use that motorcycle to set up one-day clinics

    As a condition of that loan, the motorcycle drivers must service 3-4 villages with monthly mobile clinics. They pick up 3 health workers and supplies and deliver them to the village where they give treatment for the day.

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  • 3: Empower community groups to oversee the project

    Our partners are community groups of people living with HIV/AIDS who manage the project and end up taking over. After 18 months, they no longer need Health Access Connect to continue monthly clinics.


Our work is to help health workers reach patients where they are. Patients get much better care, save money, and are more likely to keep up with their treatment.

Help Us Improve These Services

All donations go directly to program work of purchasing motorcycles, organizing communities, and assuring that they get access to healthcare.