We get around...

Working to improve healthcare in remote villages involves a lot of motorcycle rides.

  • Name
  • Problem

    In Uganda people who live in remote areas have trouble accessing basic healthcare. There are clinics and doctors, but patients often have to travel far, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

  • Opportunity

    Uganda has clinics, medical professionals, and a lot of services available to citizens free or at reasonable prices. While there may not be health workers near many villages, there are many ways to reach the people who live there.

  • Name

We work closely with health workers to address problems that they see every day, such as overcrowding at clinics, people living with HIV/AIDS who fall off treatment, lack of knowledge with patients, and difficulty reaching remote places.

Our Approach

Health Access Connect links Ugandans living in remote areas with healthcare resources.

  • Link to Healthcare

    Our programmes fix the problems of distribution while utilizing resources (health workers, medicine, community groups) already available in the country.

  • Collaborate to Innovate

    Reaching people in remote areas is not easy. We spend our time meeting with health workers and community members to understand their problems and brainstorm solutions.

  • Build Partnerships

    We facilitate relationships among health centres, community groups, and other service providers. Building their coordination can have lasting effects.


Working with and empowering community groups is at the center of our work. We spend A LOT of time in meetings in remote villages discussing challenges and opportunities in public health.

Our Team

Our Board and staff are made up of people with backgrounds in public health, community organizing, communications, and startup development.

  • Kevin Gibbons

    Executive Director, Co-Founder

  • Carolyne Ariokot

    Programme Director, Co-Founder

  • Deo "Mpola Mpola" Miiro

    Field Officer, Kalangala District

  • Debra Bellanti

    Development Officer, Media & Fundraising Specialist

  • Chelsea Takamine

    Board Chairperson, Global Public Health Practitioner

  • Benson Chirwa

    Board Member, Global Health and HIV/AIDS Expert

  • Prossy Kawala

    Board Member, Radio, Journalism & Communications Specialist

  • Ronald Tibiita

    Board Member, Global Public Health Researcher and Practitioner

  • C. Bruce Willis

    Board Member, Attorney and Organizational Development Specialist